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It could not be more inspirational to continue making videos using beme, while looking at this screen caption telling me people spend time as me. They invest their time to get to experience my daily routine or share the most exciting moments with me.

Unfortunately for beme, the video experience is not so rich in conveying how life feels as me. This is especially true since beme video sharing is constrained by the absence of filters and editing tools, let alone the ability to look at the viewfinder. Yet I am really inspired by being able to share my experiences with others from my point of view, and what can be more personal than the heartbeat?

Wait, what?

Yes, my ideal beme application would allow me to share by vitals: my heartbeat, the number of steps taken today (and the distance in kilometres), and possibly even the amount of sleep. It does sound futuristic to you, but to me, the age of fitness trackers and the availability of all centralized data in the Health App (iOS) pose a great opportunity to share all this with my followers.

I could be running. My pulse is 140, the number of kilometres could be increasing simultaneously. Otherwise, I could be watching Weeknd live. My pulse would still be 140 (duh). My followers would be able to see… or should I say feel my excitement.


I am walking in the streets of Paris, and my whole day was dedicated to exploring this amazing city by foot. 12KM or 14k steps and counting. Why not show my accomplishment to others?


Well, okay, may be my life is not as exciting, since I do not get to travel to amazing places like Paris that often. Paris is a one-time thing, but job is my daily routine. Yet, who said that getting busy on daily bases is boding? Hell no! You just need to feel it.

It is a sunny morning on a Sunday afternoon. I just woke up. My health app has just realized I have successfully completed 10 sweet hours of sleep. I could just say it to the camera. Or I could smile to the mirror in the bliss of the feeling of freshness and comfort, with the number of hours I’ve slept shared with my followers.



Since the motto of beme “less is always more”, the snapchat’s layer logic won’t work. It is too complex, and all we need for this app is to get stuff recorded and published. So how about just one settings option?

“Show my vitals“ in the main app settings would fit people who share their lifestyle on daily basis, or “share health stats” just on the main screen as a one time use thing, both could work


Now the logical question is: would the health stats show up if I have only walked 1 km today? How do you go about filtering relevant health data to be included to the beme video? Well, users pretty much do this already. While using step counter feature on a smartphone or wearing a tracker, we set up the desired goal for ourselves. Thus, if a 10000 steps goal has been surpassed or is about to be surpassed, beme detect the possibility of including such information to the video. Almost the same logic goes for sleep: health app data shares the wake-up time with beme, which can, in turn, display the number of hours slept last night. This feature can be available for 1 hour after wake up time. How else can you show your followers that you barely slept this night and how hectically you are preparing for the upcoming challenges?!


Files used:

Skier view screenshot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvqlDVh76H4

Paris screenshot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMu4boNDjBA

iPhone mockup https://dribbble.com/shots/1717639-iPhone-6-PSD-Mockup

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