IT at High Schools Survey Questions & Results

The preliminary results are out and are based on 33 responses from McGill students. The survey took place from February to April 2015. The questions were designed to probe the assumptions of the state of IT as a learning tool at secondary schools for an INSY431 Individual Implementation Analysis Report.

Sure enough, we would have gained more accurate results if we could increase participation. However, the results already provided with interesting insights on IT at schools. In the very beginning of the survey, I designed question #2 to give the respondents a chance to anchor their answers to the relative state of IT in McGill University. Thus, it is easy to evaluate the state of technology at schools in comparison to tech tools at McGill, whereas McGill's IT is familiar to the researchers. Furthermore, question #6 addressed the assumption I wanted to test. The actual answers demonstrate the limitations of IT used in high schools: the technology is still based on uniform dissemination of knowledge from one source (teacher/professor) to many individuals (students) through output devices like projectors and on-line grade reports. In addition, the results of question #7 illustrate the threat of advanced learning means (like the Internet) replacing schools and universities, which has been discussed in my research project for INSY431. Hopefully, the relationship between the technology and education improves in the future and becomes sustainable.

Thank you everyone for participation! Click on the question card for the results.
Survey link: http://tiny.cc/431survey

1. Where did you finish your high school?

2. Once you entered McGill, have you discovered new ways to use computer/Internet/on-line social platforms in your study routine?

3. How satisfied were you with the integration of IT at your high school?

4. What was the state of technology in your school in general?

5. Would you have been excited to have more IT tools within educational facilities?

6. Check if you had/used/experienced any of the following back in your high school?

7. Do you believe that on-line courses and tutors will take over educational institutions in the future?

Victoria Paskannaya | April 2015